Family Protection Trust

A Family Protection Trust from Golden Charter provides complete protection for your home and assets, so that you can leave more inheritance to your loved ones, saving them money, time and stress.

What it does

A Family Protection Trust is a Trust that is set up to hold your assets, safeguarding them from future circumstances and legal costs that may arise such as probate, children’s inheritance tax, children being disinherited due to remarriage and can even protect against care home costs.

You remain in control. You can continue to use your assets as you normally would – for example, move home or invest your money. Your Will remains in force according to your wishes and you can update or change it at any time.

Complete asset protection

  • When you die, your estate is distributed immediately, meaning there is no need for probate; a process which is both time consuming and costly.
  • Your Will is carried out by Trustees acting only in your interests
  • Beneficiaries’ current circumstances are taken into account by your Trustees to ensure your wishes  are fulfilled
  • Your children can continue to use the Trust to protect their own assets

The Family Protection Trust includes a simple Will per individual.